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Free Wedding Website
Are you looking to have your own personal wedding website? Well you can have your personalized wedding site without a Tribute Kiosk rental. Our wedding software is available at no cost to you to manage and create every aspect of your wedding details. You simply create a complimentary account and enjoy our exclusive features on the software to customize and enhance your wedding website.

Enjoy your own custom domain name
Some free websites and wedding softwares do not offer you the option to create your own custom web address, but our software comes packaged with your own custom web address that you can change to your liking. So you do not need to provide a long involved web address to your friends, simply give them your own custom web address.

Manage Your Guest List
Our wedding software allows you to manage and track the attendance of your wedding party and guests. With a few clicks and keys you will have your guests added to our software and tracking is easy and flexible.

Online Wedding RSVP
The number one challenge in any wedding is ensuring that your guest list is accurate and updated. Our wedding software has made this complicated task easy and allows the guests to RSVP online. Guests can simply visit our website and search their names and RSVP with ease. You will automatically have an updated RSVP list that you can review and manage. Our wedding software also allows you to review and change RSVPs yourself through easy to follow screens.

Online Invitation and Tracking
Our wedding software also allows you to send out individualized emails to your party and keep track of them. Tribute Kiosk software requires you to simply enter their email address and send them email invitations with your customized message.

Online Wedding Album
With our software you can upload unlimited number of images. Our software allows your guests to review the album simply by clicking on each one or going through our slideshow to review them all. You can share your special moments with your friends and family.

Online Guest Book
Our wedding software allows for your guests to leave messages and sign your online guest book. We have made it easy for people to leave their best wishes for you in their own words. You also need not worry, as part of the software you will also have the capability to delete any unwanted comments from your guest book.

Manage Seating Arrangement
What is the next biggest challenge in any wedding after collecting your RSVP? Well, how about seating arrangements: our wedding software allows for easy management of seating arrangement. You can assign guests to tables, you can review who is seating at each table and easily find out who still needs to be assigned. We have made this task as easy as it can possibly get.

Unlimited Bonus Pages
"You want more?" We give you unlimited more!
With Tribute Kiosk wedding software you can have unlimited number of pages added to your customized wedding website. You can have as many and as little bonus pages as you wish, you have the control to manage how many pages you need.

Some Privacy Please!
I don't want the world to know about my wedding and see the pictures! Well you need not worry because with our wedding software we have also provided a capability to allow visitors to review your wedding web pages that are only accessible by a password. The password can be set by you through the wedding software and allows only for people with the password to enter the website.

More Benefits with Tribute Kiosk
You can enjoy the above benefits and more without getting Tribute Kiosk for your wedding. Our software is available to you at no cost and no catches! If you do rent Tribute Kiosk, we will have number of additional great benefits available to you.

Much More
Our wedding software is designed with inputs directly from Brides and Grooms. Our software offers number of features and functions available at no cost. If you are looking for an enhancement or a feature that you think would enhance our site, all you have to do is contact us and let us know about it.

Wedding Software
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